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Everything you ever wanted to know about retinols

by timetospa June 18, 2012
Everything you ever wanted to know about retinols

When you're browsing at the beauty counter for the perfect moisturizer, are you also thinking about what's inside of it? Sure, you may know that certain creams work better than others, but did you ever wonder why? Retinols, which are a common ingredient in many moisturizers, have unique reparative qualities that can help soften skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Yet despite how common retinols are, they remain one of the best-kept secrets in skin care beauty products.

As a vitamin A derivative, retinols can boost your body's collagen production, adding fullness and luster to your face. Retinols are useful in staving off the corrosive effects of aging. Storing a retinol-laden moisturizer can be tricky, as exposure to light and air can strip the cream of its restoring power, so be sure to keep yours in an opaque or aluminum tube to prevent the elements from breaking down the retinol.

To reduce the appearance of crow's feet and other signs of damage around the extra-sensitive skin near your eyes, consider a product like Bliss The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream. With a formula including active retinoids, the cream can reduce puffiness, dark circles and other signs of age. 


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