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Get a close shave with Elemis

by timetospa June 19, 2012
Get a close shave with Elemis

Scruffy beards work well in the winter, but for most guys, nothing beats a soft, hairless face during the summertime. Get ready for all the hijinks the season has to offer with shaving products that won't leave your face feeling ravaged in a razor's wake.

Shaving is no easy task for men. Products that can help you get the closest shave possible include Elemis Ice Cool Foaming Shave Gel. Made from a brusque blend of witch hazel, English oak and Chinese date, just a small amount is all you'll need to hydrate the sensitive follicles on your face and protect against razor burn.

Although you've been shaving for years, consider changing up your routine to maximize the possibility of a smooth finish. Be wary of the curvature on your upper cheek when you're pulling a razor across your skin. The same broad strokes you may use for your chin won't work here. For those tricky hairs sprouting on the corner of your jaw, Details Magazine recommends drawing the razor in the direction of your hair's growth. Because skin is delicate across your face, don't forget to tread carefully with your razor. 


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