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How to nourish your stubble

by timetospa June 19, 2012
How to nourish your stubble

Okay, guys, just admit it. Ever since you were little, it wasn't a woolly beard or lustrous mustache that you envisioned rocking in your future -- it was stubble. This scruffy look captures hearts and imaginations alike, suggesting that the wearer is a little bit rugged and maybe even dangerous. Get tips on how to maintain and use this powerful look to your advantage below.

Whether you're tall, dark and handsome or more of a reserved type, scruff works well for all kinds of men. Products that can keep your hair nourished and conditioned as it grows out include Elemis Smooth Result Shave Oil. Rich in vitamins and oils including jojoba and hazelnut, this serum can help enliven tissue and invigorate hair follicles.

To maintain your five o'clock shadow for days on end, consider investing in hair trimmers that will graze the surface of your cheeks without entirely removing your hard-earned scruff. It's always a good idea to keep your face exfoliated, so remember to scrub daily to remove dead skin cells and other grime that can affect the overall look of your facestache. Details Magazine recommends staying on top of any hair that may sprout on your neck and chin, but that's up to you.


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