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Campfire pick-me-ups for your beauty routine

by timetospa June 20, 2012
Campfire pick-me-ups for your beauty routine

Fourth of July weekend is right around the corner, and if you're headed for a long weekend retreat with family, you need to be prepared for anything that could come your way. Before you slip your backpack over your shoulders, remember to pack a few of these must-have essentials for outdoor adventures.

1. Elemis Bronze Boost Duo. Your skin will love you for this. Elemis' stellar creams can protect against harmful UV rays and also replenish dry, cracked skin tissue. If you see plenty of afternoons at the lake in your future, don't forget to bring this along with you.

2. Matte foundation. Some ladies may prefer the au natural look while going camping, but if you're the type of gal who feels lost without the proper foundation, you're in luck. Try a matte foundation that will stick around even in the worst humidity.

3. Cooling shine mist. Did you know that your hair can get as fried as your skin if you stay out in the hot sun all day? Keep your locks lustrous with a cooling shine spray that will protect against spikes in thermal heat and keep strands full of volume. 


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