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When should you toss out your makeup?

by timetospa June 20, 2012
When should you toss out your makeup?

You know that bottle of lime green nail polish you've been holding onto since the 7th grade? It's time to toss that old thing in the garbage. Just like dairy or produce, beauty products can go bad after a period of time. While an expiration date may not be clearly labeled on the packaging, using aged cosmetics can result in a less-than-stellar finish for your face. With a few of our helpful tips, you'll know exactly when your beauty products need to go the way of the dodo.

1. Mascara. Most girls use mascara every day to give their lightly colored lashes a bit of sultry allure. But if you hold onto your mascara for longer than three months, it can be the opposite of sultry, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and potential eye infections.

2. Sunscreen. During the summer months you'll go through sunscreen like crazy, but during the winter, your container hangs around, collecting dust. Sunscreen is usually good for up to a year, and when it goes bad, you'll detect odors and discoloration in the cream. For a sunscreen you can use all year round, try Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF 30.

3. Perfume. Some perfumes have a powerful musk. If you inherited grandma's perfume and you notice it's especially pungent, it may be because the spray has expired. As a general rule of thumb, toss out perfume after two years. 


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