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How often should you color your hair?

by timetospa June 21, 2012
How often should you color your hair?

Are you a chameleon when it comes to your hair color? Summer can seem like the ideal time to go for a lighter shade of blond or brown, but if you frequently change your hue, your tresses have probably suffered for it.

Brittle, broken strands and dull color are among the the common pitfalls of hair dyeing, and can be the cause of permanent damage to the health of your follicles. Some hair products can help you guard against the risks of regular dyeing without draining your locks of vital nutrients.

"I don't recommend changing your color professionally or at home more than two times a year to keep it looking its healthiest. And drastic changes, from red to blonde or brown to blonde, should only be done professionally, since these types of changes can really wreak havoc on your hair," said salon owner and celebrity colorist Marie Robinson in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

If you frequently hop between different hues, you want to be careful that your mane doesn't turn to straw. With a leave-in conditioner like Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream you can soften coarse and wayward strands throughout the day, and keep hair prepared for the next change in color. 


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