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Scrub away skin irritants with sea salt

by timetospa June 22, 2012
Scrub away skin irritants with sea salt

A trip to the salty shores of your nearest beach can invigorate your spirits and set your mind at ease. Want to carry the spirit of the beach with you everywhere? Add a relaxing sea salt scrub to your bath routine. Ideal for a range of complexions, all-natural sea salt scrubs can soothe inflamed tissue and fight off your skin's toughest foes.

Sea salt can be used to replenish your parched epidermis, but that's just skimming the surface of what it can do. Featuring a gritty texture that's strong enough to remove dead cells, sea salts can substitute as an anti-aging skincare treatment that will allow you to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For a rejuvenating sea salt product, try Elemis Spa At Home Lime and Ginger Salt Glow. Boasting a mix of essential skin oils like jojoba and camellia, you'll have noticeably softer skin in no time.

Do you also frequently suffer from poor skin? Sea salts can heal areas under attack by outside irritants. Derived from the sea of the same name, Dead Sea salt is a unique product that can aid in the renewal of battered follicles and tissue by improving circulation near the upper layers of your epidermis. 


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