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Innovations in skincare offer hopeful visions of the future

by timetospa June 25, 2012
Innovations in skincare offer hopeful visions of the future

When you look into the future, what do you see? Do you stave off a sense of dread because you're worried that an onslaught of wrinkles and crow's feet could slowly but surely creep over your face? Toss your worries aside, because the exciting future of anti aging skincare is filled with hope and the promise of fresh innovation. Want to learn more about these exciting developments? Check out our list of the top miracles-in-the-making below.

1. Freeze time in its tracks. Women seeking to shave several years off their faces have been forced to resort to invasive cosmetic treatments to gain their desired look. But now, that's not necessary. The Huffington Post recently named Freeze 24-7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment as one of the best anti aging products on the market. Proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 50-90 percent within 10 minutes of application, this revolutionary anti aging skin cream is as effective as Botox and can produce smoother, softer skin in just one treatment. 

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and just feel like your skin is trying to tell you something, but somehow it's been lost in translation? You may soon be able to decipher that message sooner than you think. In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Eastern Virginia Medical School assistant professor of clinical dermatology David H. McDaniel suggested that a mirror with the ability to read your skin's deepest needs is a potential product for the future.

"A sensor that looks similar to a digital thermometer could be tethered to the mirror and connected to a built-in meter. You pull out the sensor and touch it to the skin, measuring moisture, oiliness, and redness. If the meter says the skin is getting drier, you increase your moisturizer," he said.  


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