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Sculpt the perfect beach body

by timetospa June 28, 2012
Sculpt the perfect beach body

You've slaved for months to get your body in bikini-ready shape, but you may be disappointed to find that your problem isn't related to weight loss. If you have a naturally slim or lanky frame, the missing ingredient may be your lack of curves. With a few of these derriere-enhancing workouts, you'll soon have the most coveted beach body in sight.

1. The squeeze. One of the easiest exercises you can do to tone your backside involves sitting down the entire time! Just squeeze and release for several minutes at a time. While not the most grueling of exercises, you can do this quick and simple routine throughout the work day.

2. Tap your toes. You didn't think it was going to stay easy, did you? This exercise requires more room than the squeeze, so wait until you get home. While laying on the floor with your arms to your sides, bend your knees and lift your legs so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Alternate between tapping your left and right feet on the floor.

3. Kick out. Finish up your toning exercises with this dependable move. Fitness Magazine recommends beginning with a squat with your arms outstretched in front of you. Slowly bring yourself up and kick your leg out with your weight on the ball of your foot. Return to the squat position as you prepare to swing a different leg out.

If you're really feeling the burn from these posterior-crunching moves, consider applying a topical pain reliever like Biofreeze Cryospray. Made with a soothing blend of botanical and herbal extracts, this versatile spray goes on grease-free and can relieve pain related to neck, muscle and back aches. 


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