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No affection for love handles? Get rid of them with Bliss

by timetospa June 28, 2012
No affection for love handles? Get rid of them with Bliss

Bikinis aren't the only thing you can wear all summer long. Short dresses, tank tops and shorts you probably haven't seen since last year's Labor Day cookout are all in regular rotation in your wardrobe now, and with these stunning looks comes a reality you've probably dreaded each morning. Love handles are the term kindly applied to those extra layers of fat that have crept over your waist and belly. Hard to conceal with clothing no matter what time of season, love handles can turn your summer into a dour affair.

You have the power to melt those handles away, all you need are the right moves. For a workout that can bring you real weight loss results, try a bicep curl using a stability ball. To begin, be sure to find a spacious area to position your stability ball, then lean back with your feet on the floor and your knees slightly bent. Once you're comfortable, curl weights toward your shoulders. For an easy start, Fitness Magazine recommends using a 10-pound dumbbell. You'll be on track to a toned body in no time.

Give your workout an added edge with a product like Bliss The Love Handler, which features an inviting blend of mint and natural amino acids. The Love Handler isn't your average toning cream, releasing a graduated dose of caffeine that can jumpstart cell metabolism and trigger stronger circulation in those pudgy areas around your midsection.


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