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Detox your way to a bloat-free summer

by timetospa June 29, 2012
Detox your way to a bloat-free summer

Has a midsummer night's bout with bloating turned your evening of magic into a night you'd rather forget? When it comes to puffing up, you can sometimes feel powerless to fend it off. However, with a few of these tips you can make bloat vanish as quickly as it appeared.

1. Make dietary adjustments. In addition to exercise, there are several scrumptious foods you can eat to help reduce bloating and regain that coveted toned look in time for your next jaunt to the beach. Instead of chips and salsa, nibble on some delicious cucumbers or slices of juicy watermelon. Both foods feature plenty of water, which can ultimately reduce the amount of fluid you retain. Carry your anti-bloat crusade through dinner and pair your meal with some stalks of tasty asparagus.

2. Try a supplement. If you're still having problems with bloating and are searching for a stronger body detox, look for a product like Elemis Spa At Home Cleansing Deep Drainage Body Enhancement. Rife with herbal and botanical extracts that can help eliminate fluid retention as well as boost your complexion, this supplement is an excellent way to get the full body detox you crave. 


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