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Learn the ABCs of anti aging skincare

by timetospa July 3, 2012
Learn the ABCs of anti aging skincare

How well do you know your ABCs? When it come anti aging skincare, vitamins A, B and C are your allies, helping you fend off age and other environmental stressors that can damage your complexion and leave your face looking worse for the wear. Get great tips below on why vitamins work for you and how you can incorporate them into your daily beauty routine.

Vitamin A: Proven to reduce wrinkles, eliminate dark spots and bolster skin, vitamin A provides a stalwart defense against external agents that can cause premature aging. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are a common element in many high-quality beauty products. For a nourishing anti-wrinkle skin cream laden with vitamin A, try La Therapie Vitamin A Anti-Oxidant Lotion.

Vitamin B: The outermost portion of your skin, or epidermis, provides your body with a barrier against infection and traps in moisture. Vitamin B is a necessary tool that your epidermis needs to stay hydrated, helping boost the production of fatty acids and ceramides inside this all-important layer.

Vitamin C: While vitamins A and B carry out special functions in the fight to halt aging in its tracks, vitamin C is versatile, helping enhance the performance of vitamins already in play. Vitamin C can be useful in ridding skin of free radicals, fine lines, brown spots and sagging. Opaque containers are best for storing vitamin C over long periods of time. 


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