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What beauty products work best for your skin color?

by timetospa July 11, 2012
What beauty products work best for your skin color?

Radiant skin comes in all colors, but did you know that different anti aging skincare products can work better for certain shades of skin? With a few of these tips, you can treat problems that are special to your complexion while maintaining a healthy glow.

According to Allure Magazine, for women with rich, dark skin, a beauty product featuring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) like La Therapie Glycolic Clarite Renew Peaux Neuves - Glycolic Clarifying Lotion for skin resurfacing can help prevent blemishes and nourish skin. Glycolic acid can break down dead cells on the surface without irritating flesh or diminishing color.

For women with olive complexions, dark patches can occasionally emerge along the forehead and cheeks, sometimes in relation to sun exposure. Hydroquinone cream in daily doses can ease occurrences of this and leave skin supple and brilliant.

Ladies with toasted brown skin can be prone to photodamage and pigmentation problems, but a cream with retinols can stimulate collagen production and reduce discoloration. For those with paler skin, a mix of antioxidants and retinols can repair damage done by the sun without drying skin out. 


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