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Can drinking olive oil help you lose weight?

by timetospa July 12, 2012
Can drinking olive oil help you lose weight?

From rigorous exercise to stringent dieting plans, women will often go to great lengths to make their weight loss dreams a reality. While certain strategies have better results than others, some unusual methods - like drinking olive oil - may be the key to shedding those extra pounds.

It certainly seems weird, but according to Shape Magazine one to two tablespoons of extra-light olive oil twice daily between meals may help you realize your weight loss goals. In a recent interview, Seth Roberts, author of The Shangri-La Diet, suggested that eating flavorless-tasting foods may convince your body that it's not eating, which may facilitate weight loss. Olive oil can help lower your appetite and alter your body's set point, which is the weight it wants to settle into.

For a product that can help you achieve your fitness plans, consider an herbal supplement like Jou Sweet Enough. Featuring gymnema sylvestre, an East Indian herb regarded as the destroyer of sugar, and other herbs that can minimize your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, these tablets are an excellent way to get your diet off to a great start.  


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