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Can chewing gum be the source of your wrinkles?

by timetospa July 13, 2012
Can chewing gum be the source of your wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the bane of any anti aging skincare regimen. While extended time in the sun can often be the culprit behind adding laugh lines and other complexion-ruining age marks to your face, did you know that some bad skin habits can actually produce wrinkles?

Take for instance, chewing gum. "Over time, your jaw muscles build up, they get bulky, and that contributes to a jowled look. Not only that, but over time, chewing gum can also contribute to wrinkles above your upper lip," said dermatologist Janet Wu in an interview with New England Cable News.

In addition to chewing gum, another bad habit to avoid is using straws, which can lead to wrinkles because you're required to pucker your lips.

To prevent wrinkles, consider ditching the gum and straws. You may also want to try a beauty set like Elemis Anti-Ageing Super Duo. Containing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, these two potent anti aging skincare products can help enrich your flesh and put you on track for a smooth, supple complexion. 


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