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Want to reduce the size of your pores?

by timetospa July 16, 2012
Want to reduce the size of your pores?

Do you have large pores and skin that's prone to breakouts? If so, you may be excited to learn that certain beauty products have the ability to shrink your pores and help minimize the appearance of blemishes and other things that can harm your complexion.

"Certain products that have retinol can make pores appear smaller," said Dr. Debra Jaliman to Stylelist.com.

According to the source, prescription strength retinoids - which are retinol products derived from vitamin A - can stimulate cells to turnover, which in turn can unclog pores and lend them a smaller appearance.

Pores can increase in size for a number of reasons, but sun damage is one of the main causes. If you spent time recently on the beach without sunscreen, your pores may have burgeoned in response to UV rays, which are harmful to elastic and collagen tissue in the epidermis. 

For a product containing retinols, try something like La Therapie Vitamin A Anti-Oxidant Lotion. Featuring a rich, therapeutic blend that contains aloe vera and vitamin A, this lotion can boost cell renewal in the upper layer of your skin and give your complexion a revitalizing glow. 


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