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Don't let eczema get the best of your summer

by timetospa July 16, 2012
Don't let eczema get the best of your summer

Do you suffer from dry, cracked skin? If eczema regularly appears in patches along your body, you probably feel especially frustrated and uncomfortable during the summer months. With a few of these tips, you may be able to treat your eczema in new ways, bringing you one step closer to the smooth flesh you desire.

As a chronic skin condition, eczema can pop up along any part of the body but often appears on arms and behind knees. Tell-tale red or brownish patches that are itchy are a sign that you may have eczema rather than another ailment.

According to The Mayo Clinic, the exact cause of eczema is unknown. If you have dry skin and become sick or your immune system becomes compromised in some vital way, this can create the perfect platform for eczema. If members of your family struggle with this condition as well, it could be an indication that you have a genetic predisposition for eczema. While causes can vary, stress can make your bouts with eczema worse.

If you regularly battle eczema, give your tired body the relaxing experience it deserves with a body skincare product like Elemis Spa At Home Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, which features a rich base of replenishing milk proteins that can treat dry, irritated skin. Also featuring natural plant collagen, this spectacular bath can give you the luxurious treatment you need to revitalize your body, and is also great for use on your scalp. 


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