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Three tips for unlocking the secrets of mascara

by timetospa July 16, 2012
Three tips for unlocking the secrets of mascara

Nothing creates a splash like dark, bold lashes, and if you're the kind of woman who loves to steal the spotlight, you know that mascara is the key to unlocking this coveted beauty trait. With a few of these great tips, you can discover the secrets of the perfect mascara look.

1. Choose your brush. Not all mascaras are created equal. Depending on the kind of brush you settle on, your mascara may give off a whole new effect. For big, bold lashes, go with a thick bristled brush. For curls, go with an angled or curved brush.

2. Forget waterproof. You may think you need a mascara that will stay on through thick and thin, but according to Allure Magazine, waterproof formulas can be more trouble than they're worth. Waterproof mascaras are often hard to remove, but you won't have that issue when you go with a non-waterproof mascara.

3. Add two coats. For more definition, go over your lashes twice and consider using a lash curler. Not only can this help your eyes look more alluring, but it can help your color last longer.

While mascara can elevate any look, it's important to remember to remove your beauty products once you've settled down for the night. With a product like La Therapie Lait Demaquillant Peaux Normales - Gentle cleansing milk for normal skin, you can gently remove face and eye makeup while hydrating and replenishing your skin. 


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