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Which risky beauty treatments should you avoid before your wedding?

by timetospa July 18, 2012
Which risky beauty treatments should you avoid before your wedding?

If your wedding day is just around the corner, you've likely had your fill of planning for this momentous occasion and are looking forward to being pampered with beauty treatments. While every bride wants to look sensational for her day, some pre-wedding skincare techniques can have terrible consequences. Consider a few of these tips for treatments to avoid.

Botox. If you want to look radiant and effortlessly stunning for your wedding, you should aim to avoid Botox and other cosmetic procedures that can leave you permanently disfigured if something goes amiss. Instead, experiment in the days before your ceremony with makeup techniques that create the illusion of higher brows and wider eyes.

Chemical peels. While this treatment is designed to dead skin cells and leave you with brighter looking skin, peels can also leave your complexion inflamed.

Instead of risky beauty procedures that could leave you in rough shape on the most important day of your life, consider using skin care beauty products like Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask. This luxurious, antioxidant-rich formula can help you have the spa experience at home and leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy - ideal for your big walk down the aisle!


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