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Three beauty tips to help you save time in the morning

by timetospa July 20, 2012
Three beauty tips to help you save time in the morning

Is your beauty regimen taking up too much time in the morning? If you find yourself setting your alarm an extra hour early each day to accommodate your hair, skincare and beauty plans, you may be wasting your valuable energy. With these three time-saving tips, you can still leave the house looking radiant without having to chase down the clock to do it.

Do you have a thick and curly mane of hair that requires constant attention? While this lovely trait can make you the envy of other ladies, it can make morning maintenance an all-consuming endeavor. To save time, consider forgoing shampoo or stepping up your blow-drying technique. By focusing on your roots first rather than the tips of your hair, you can remove water faster and get your hair in prime styling condition.

One of the other demanding aspects of a beauty routine is the application of makeup products. You can offset this by enhancing your natural beauty with the right skin care beauty products. To give your face a polished look, consider something like Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. This refreshing, botanical-infused blend can gently exfoliate your complexion and leave you with clean and nourished skin. 


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