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Should you change your hairstyle?

by timetospa July 23, 2012
Should you change your hairstyle?

Are you bored with your hairstyle and ready for a new change? With the fall season just around the corner, you should take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent your style with a bold and fearless 'do. Before you head to the hairdresser, consider a few of these flattering looks.

Want to make a subtle change before plunging into a daring cut later on? Open yourself up to new adventures with side swept bangs. If you want to infuse an extra aura of radiance into your look, match this with a deep side part. For women with round faces, this look can be especially stunning as it may help thin out their face.

If you're ready for a whole new image, side swept bangs may not be edgy enough to meet your needs. With angled bangs you're sure to make a splash. This heavily fringed style can transform your face and accentuate your eyes. As you admire your new look in the mirror, be sure to give your strands a boost of shine with hair care products like Steiner Shine Drops Hair Serum, which can reduce fly-aways and give frizzy, dull hair a smooth finish. 


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