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Could losing weight be contagious?

by timetospa July 27, 2012
Could losing weight be contagious?

If you and your closest friends do just about everything together, it makes sense that you should band together in an attempt to lose weight, right? While friends can be an excellent resource to help drum up enthusiasm for the next jaunt around the gym, new research suggests that having fit friends may actually increase your chances of being skinny yourself!

Allure Magazine cites several recent studies, including a 2012 report conducted by Brown University, which argue that friends or teammates may actually facilitate weight loss.

Researchers divided participants into teams and found that if someone lost at least 5 percent of her body weight, she was more likely to do so if her teammates boasted similar results. Ultimately, those who acknowledged the debt owed to their teammates reported even better accomplishments - an average loss of around 20 percent of total body weight.

If you and your pals are looking to really take off extra pounds, consider doing group-based exercises. You may also want to consider using a product like Elemis Spa At-Home Pro-Collagen Body Serum, which can help tone up loose skin around your arms, abdomen and backside.


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