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Can you boost your complexion with serums made from your own skin cells?

by timetospa July 31, 2012
Can you boost your complexion with serums made from your own skin cells?

Do you have a difficult time finding the right skin care beauty products? While you could experiment in order to find the best serums to fit your needs, some innovative anti-aging skincare products have tapped a secret ingredient that could be the solution to your woes.

What's this transformative new element? It's none other than your own skin cells. According to Allure Magazine, to begin the process, a doctor will remove a cup of fat from your abdomen. A culture is sent to a lab and then mixed with an enzyme that produces growth factors, cytokines and fibroblasts. After several weeks, antioxidant-laden emulsions are added.

This process can be time-extensive but promises big results. In a recent study, women who used these personalized serums twice daily had a 15 to 85 percent improvement in wrinkle depth, while 78 percent of women showed increased elastin and collagen production.

You can also boost your skin's radiance with a product like Laboratoire Remede 360 Cellular Concentre, which features an advanced technology that promotes cell renewal and longevity. This therapeutic blend can also transform cells, helping you get a younger-looking complexion. 


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