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Three tips to show your appreciation for the 2012 Olympics

by timetospa July 31, 2012
Three tips to show your appreciation for the 2012 Olympics

Are you filled with excitement over the 2012 Olympics and looking for an exciting way to get into the spirit of the event? Consider these three tips to incorporate your love of the games into your beauty regimen!

1. Nails. Go for the gold, literally, with astonishing nails in Olympic-inspired hues. A product like CND Nail Colour Brilliant White is a great base for red and blue accents. A metallic gold or bronze can also be a lovely addition to your summer look.

2. Inspired eye shadow. Looking for beauty products that can channel the energy of the event? Opt for a playful blend of blue and white-layered eyeshadow. This can be especially radiant for ladies with blue or green eyes. To further show your support for Team USA, don't forget to add a dash of red lipstick to your mouth.

3. Ramp up your fitness regimen. One of the best ways to feel connected to the games is to increase the intensity of your workouts. Even if it's just for fun, try integrating Olympic-themed activities into your fitness routine. After you've worked up a sweat, you're sure to develop a newfound appreciation for the athletes. 


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