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Creative tips to cover chipped nail polish

by timetospa August 2, 2012
Creative tips to cover chipped nail polish

Life can quickly become a whirlwind of new adventures and exhilarating experiences, but all this activity can leave you strapped for time where it counts. If your active lifestyle gives you little opportunity to stay on top of nail maintenance, you may be overcome with frustration when you notice your nails have become chipped.

Don't let this minor annoyance bring you down. Even if you're on the way to work, you can overcome this setback in plenty of fresh ways without losing your unique beauty style.

Glamour Magazine recommends turning this into a chance to unleash your creative side. Try contrasting your polish with visually arresting hues like gold, hot pink, or something else really vibrant. With professional nail polish like CND Nail Color - Bolds, you can revolutionize the look of your nails and give your style a one-of-a-kind edge.

Just apply a thin coat of polish in one of the radiant shades offered by CND to the upper part of your nails. If you notice other areas are chipped, create a new pattern. The possibilities are truly limitless!


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