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How well do you contour your makeup?

by timetospa August 2, 2012
How well do you contour your makeup?

Has your complexion seen better days? While many skin care beauty products help restore the bright, healthy look of skin, some days you may be tempted to just use beauty products to conceal or even out flaws on your face. However, bronzer and foundation can only go so far - in order to reap all the benefits they offer, consider a few of these contouring tips from television personality Kim Kardashian, who revealed all to Glamour Magazine in a recent interview.

Bronze it up

The first step toward an immaculate beauty style? Begin by grabbing a bronzer like California Sun Glow and Brush, which during the summer months can help give your skin new dimension. According to Kardashian, the trick with bronzer is not to pack it on, but rather to apply it in the shape of the number three over your forehead, nose and chin. Then apply the bronzer to the tip, sides and bridge of your nose.

Providing the right foundation

When you were younger, you probably slathered liquid foundation all over until you reached the corners of your face. Kardashian says this is not the best way to utilize your product. Instead, use it to fill in the areas of your face that bronzer hasn't covered, like directly under your eyes, brows and in the center of your forehead. This multifaceted look is sure to give you instant star quality!


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