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Are you growing out your bangs?

by timetospa August 2, 2012
Are you growing out your bangs?

At a recent red carpet event, actress Jessica Biel showed off one of the hottest styles of the season - blunt cut bangs. This lovely look framed her angular face and helped draw attention to her flawless skin and bright red lips. If you've rocked bangs already, you probably know all about their advantages. What you may not know is how to handle bangs once you're trying to grow them out.

While bangs can elevate your overall appeal, they can be frustrating to work with once you want to switch up your 'do. Creative twists like braiding can fuse style with function while allowing your bangs room to grow, according to Allure Magazine. Another excellent option is pinning your hair away from your face. If yours is heart-shaped or round, this flattering look can draw attention to your eyes, chin and the other beautiful parts of your visage.

As you try to hasten the growth process, consider using hair products like Phytodensium Anti-Aging Shampoo, which can protect your strands while increasing elasticity and density in your mane. For an excellent leave-in conditioner, look no further than Phytomist Instant Hydrating Conditioner, which can soften and detangle hair over time. 


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