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Can beauty tricks make you look slimmer?

by timetospa August 8, 2012
Can beauty tricks make you look slimmer?

Sometimes even the most rigorous weight loss regimen can leave you scrambling to achieve your fitness goals. When that happens, you may want to resort to risky crash-dieting or cosmetic procedures to obtain the look you so desire. But did you know that some beauty tricks can actually help make your face look slimmer? Consider a few of these tips from Self Magazine the next time you want to show off a leaner visage!

Define your jawbone. Want to know the easiest way to thin out your face? It's simple - just grab a bronzer like California Sun Glow and apply it along your jaw from your chin to your ears. Unlike contouring, which can be tough for beauty novices to master, this quick technique literally takes just a few minutes!

Side sweep your hair. This clever illusion is a must when you're on the way out the door. Instead of parting your hair like usual down the middle of your head, just flip it to the side and presto! Not only is your face sure to seem slimmer, but also, this ultra-flattering 'do can help increase the thickness and volume of your mane.


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