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Tangerine blush: Would you ever try it?

by timetospa August 8, 2012
Tangerine blush: Would you ever try it?

The great thing about beauty products is that they're always evolving. From new creams that can neutralize discolorations in your complexion to perfumes that may help you lose weight, the possibilities in the beauty world really are limitless. Vibrant colors like tangerine are exploding with popularity this season, but would you ever think to use this radiant hue on your cheeks?

According to Instyle Magazine, tangerine-tinged blush can be a great choice for ladies with creamy brown skin. While this shade may seem a little unusual, a burnt orange or apricot tone can work wonders on darker complexion because it has a warming effect.

Tangerine blush may not work as well for ladies with fair skin, which is why you should keep your natural coloration in mind before you try this out. If you're on the paler side, you should try a lovely pinkish hue like Blushing Bride, which is available through Colorescience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore. This long-lasting, lightweight product can boost your natural glow and is sure to be a perfect fit for your complexion. 


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