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How to eliminate dreaded bacne

by timetospa August 8, 2012
How to eliminate dreaded bacne

Facial acne can be tough enough, but when this annoying problem starts popping up along other areas of your body, like your back, it can instantly go from bad to just plain unbearable. If you struggle with bacne, consider a few of these body skincare tips to regain the look of clear skin!

To beat bacne once and for all, you first need to understand where it comes from. According to DailyGlow.com, the skin along your back can secrete as much oil daily as your face, which can make it easy for pores to become clogged. In the summertime, you may wear a lot of tight clothing which only exacerbates this. If you want to prevent a breakout, you should consider wearing lighter clothing that will make it harder for sweat to cling to clothes.

Also, a product like Elemis Tea Tree SOS Spray contains powerful anti-bacterial properties and can be an excellent way to rid yourself of bacne. After a strenuous workout, spray this soothing treatment along the sweatiest areas of your body to help free up your pores. 


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