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Can vitamin C slow down the aging process?

by timetospa August 10, 2012
Can vitamin C slow down the aging process?

It's common knowledge that vitamin C is one of the best things around for improving the luminosity of one's complexion. Loaded with antioxidant properties and sensational collagen-boosting powers, this essential nutrient found in many skin care beauty products is one you shouldn't do without.

But according to recent research by the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Science, vitamin C may have even more benefits in the realm of anti aging skincare than previously thought.

Researchers found that strong doses of vitamin C can help reprogram adult cells into embryonic-like stem cells, which in turn could help reverse the aging process on a cellular level. Even more extraordinary, they found that vitamin C is alone among other antioxidants in being able to facilitate this change.

While more work in this field needs to be completed, this development could mean exciting things are yet to come in anti aging skincare. Until then, get your daily exposure to vitamin C with an anti aging skin cream like Laboratoire Remède Intensive Double Serum: Vitamin C + Oxygen


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