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Could feeling fat actually make you gain weight?

by timetospa August 13, 2012
Could feeling fat actually make you gain weight?

Flipping through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine can be a fun way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, but this past-time can quickly turn frustrating as you glance at the many thin and statuesque models contained within. Regardless of your overall health or body size, you may feel like you need to start a weight loss regimen in order to compete with these leggy beauties.

Yet according to new research by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, believing you're overweight when you're not could make you more likely to develop obesity over time.

This scary phenomena could have a lot to do with psychological perception or societal pressure to be as thin as possible. Researchers also surmised that women who have a normal weight but perceive themselves to be larger than they are may be inclined to change their eating habits or engage in risky crash diets, which over time could result in binge eating or other negative consequences that cause weight gain.

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