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How powerful is a single cup of tea?

by timetospa August 15, 2012
How powerful is a single cup of tea?

After a tough day at the office, what's not to love about a warm cup of tea? This soothing beverage has an almost otherworldly ability to rejuvenate and restore calm in even the most stressful situations. If you're a tea lover, you may be excited to know that tea has other benefits, too.

New research by the University of Greenwich's School of Science has found that black tea - which is made from Camellia sinesis plants, the same great stuff green tea is derived from - may help insulate your sensitive skin from microorganisms and environmental toxins that could be super harmful!

A powerful cup of this tasty drink may also boost your overall strength and help you achieve your weight loss goals. According to the National Institutes of Health, this type of tea contains antioxidants and can act as a natural diuretic for ladies searching for a healthy way to drop those extra pounds.

Black tea isn't the only thing that can offer you great health and wellness advantages. With a body skincare product like CND Scentsations Citrus and Green Tea Wash, you can get the all over supple and luxurious complexion you've always wanted! This amazing moisturizer features vitamins A, E and aloe vera, which are sure to leave you feeling more refreshed than ever before.


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