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Channel Jennifer Aniston with 3 great beauty tips

by timetospa August 15, 2012
Channel Jennifer Aniston with 3 great beauty tips

Actress Jennifer Aniston recently became engaged (yay!) to her screenwriter hunk of a boyfriend, Justin Theroux. This California-born star's sun-kissed skin, glowing smile and oh-so-enviable locks - remember The Rachel, anyone? - give her a distinct beauty style all her own. Want to replicate it? Consider a few of these tips.

Nude hues. Some actresses wear a ton of makeup products, but Aniston tends to prefer an au natural look, going for nude-toned lipsticks and letting her naturally luminous complexion soak up the limelight.

Stay hydrated! Aniston rocks more than just the red carpet - her rock-hard body is the result of an intense fitness regimen. But in order to power her way through the rigors of her workout, the star relies on lots of water, drinking roughly 12 glasses a day, according to Allure Magazine. If you're looking to achieve your fitness goals and channel Aniston, a product like Bliss Fat Girl Slim can keep skin firm after you exercise!

Work your 'do. In an interview with Elle Magazine, celebrity stylist Chris McMillan described Aniston's supple locks as naturally wavy, with medium texture and plenty of body, which enables the star to show off a variety of different looks. If your hair lacks volume, try a product like Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair, which can help your strands build strength and shine. 


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