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Is powder foundation making you look older?

by timetospa August 17, 2012
Is powder foundation making you look older?

When it comes to looking younger, makeup products are usually your ally. However, sometimes these tools can actually have the opposite effect, accentuating signs of aging on your face that you'd rather leave unnoticed. Unsure of which products should stay and which should go? Consider a few of these helpful tips.

Skip the powder. Heavy powder foundations can make any fine lines or wrinkles on your face seem much more prominent, and if you're using an old makeup brush, it's more likely that the bristles could create streaks in your application. To preserve a youthful appearance, toss these aside and go for a versatile anti aging skin moisturizer like Freeze 24-7 Ice Cream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer that can leave your skin looking so radiant, you won't need any foundation!

Perk up saggy lids. Powder isn't the only thing that make you look older. Has the skin around your eyes seen better days? Prevention Magazine recommends improving the appearance of your lids by using medium to dark eyeshadow to create a contour effect with your eye makeup. Begin at the upper corner of your eye and apply shadow against the crease of your lid, then mirror the same effect, but starting at the lower corner of your eye. This should create a stellar V effect that is sure to boost the delicate areas around your eyes. 


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