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When should you apply body oils?

by timetospa August 21, 2012
When should you apply body oils?

Is your home booming with raucous energy and the loud din of children running up and down the halls? While happiness can be infectious, after a long day at the office all you probably crave is a little R & R time. Body oils can be a great way to make your skin feel soft and luxurious, no matter what the setting. But did you know that in order to reap the benefits of certain oils, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve?

According to BellaSugar.com, the best time to apply a body skincare product like Elemis Spa At Home Cellutox Active Body Oil is right after the shower. If you worked out earlier, all the better! This great product can help ease the signs of cellulite, especially if you apply it while your skin is still damp, which can ensure that moisture stays locked in.

However, if you're planning to apply an oil to your face, you should take care to do so when your skin is dry. By doing this, you can help slough away set-in dirt, makeup products and other pollutants from your complexion. If you do use this while your face is damp, only apply a dab or two to avoid oversaturating the area. The stresses of the day are sure to slowly slip away as you engage in this lovely beauty ritual!


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