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Pamper your feet in 3 easy steps

by timetospa August 22, 2012
Pamper your feet in 3 easy steps

From the time you head out the door until you kick your shoes off and settle onto the couch, the hustle and bustle of your daily life can be a tremendous stress - and just imagine what your feet go through! To give your precious tootsies some much-needed relief, consider these three beauty steps to ensure that they stay soft and callous free.

1. Prep. Is last week's chipped nail polish still clinging to your toes? Don't let this unappealing sight stick around for long. Get rid of any leftover polish on your nails with a non-acetone based remover, which won't dry out your nails or leave them looking sallow.

2. Shape your nails. It's not enough to simply get rid of polish - you should also take the opportunity to shape your nails with a file like CND Koala Buffer, which can lend refinement to your nail's edges and help you gain a more appealing style.

3. Head to the spa. Your feet are there, without fail, to carry you through some of the most high-pressure situations you'll ever endure. While you may not have time to visit a salon, you can give yourself a luxurious spa treatment with something like Mandara Spa Fabulous Feet Kit, which contains Smoothing Foot Scrub, Softening Foot Butter and more! 


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