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The 3 essential oils you should be using

by timetospa August 24, 2012
The 3 essential oils you should be using

Most cosmetics contain an array of ingredients, and for the average woman, what these ingredients actually bring to the mix is a complete mystery. Essential oils are among the most common additives found in makeup and skin creams, but chances are you don't know anything about them, let alone how great they are for your complexion! Consider these three essential oils your best tools in the fight to preserve your beauty style.

Argan oil. One of the most amazing essential oils that you can add into your beauty regimen is argan oil, and it's likely that you've used it hundreds of times already! According to BellaSugar.com, argan oil can be a great anti aging skin moisturizer, working hard to protect your complexion from damaging UV exposure. It can also be awesome for getting rid of frizz!

Tea tree oil. This potent essential oil is derived from tea tree leaves and can be utilized in a range of different applications, include acne treatments and fungal infections. Unlock the power of this beauty treatment with an all-natural spa treatment product like Mandara Spa Essential Oil Tea Tree, which can help eliminate foot odor and athlete's foot.

Peppermint oil. Have you been searching for a cool new beauty product that alleviates inflammation and has a little extra zing? If so, what you've really been lacking is peppermint oil! This essential oil provides a natural cooling effect that can be a great relief for those with sunburns or chapped lips. 


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