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How often do you care for your elbows?

by timetospa August 24, 2012
How often do you care for your elbows?

It can be easy to forget some things throughout the day, like your dry cleaning or that last-minute dinner date you arranged the night before. When it comes to skincare, there are a few things you can easily forget, too, like your elbows. However, these incredibly vital places can be important to preserving your overall beauty look.

Have you never thought twice about exfoliating your elbows? Now's the time to start! According to Allure Magazine, one of the best ways you can slough away dead skin around your elbows is to go for an all-natural solution, like lemons. Try cutting it in half and sprinkling some Bliss Hot Salt Scrub inside the lemon. Grind the halves into your elbows for a brisk and refreshing beauty treatment.

Another great way that you can take care of your elbows is with skincare beauty products like Elemis Spa At Home Devils Mint Body Scrub, which can help brighten and smooth out the coarse flesh in this area and gently promote better absorption. Your elbows are sure to love all this newfound attention!


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