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Examining three secret benefits of drinking more water

by timetospa August 28, 2012
Examining three secret benefits of drinking more water

In addition to using your anti aging moisturizer and staying out of the sun, have you thought about some of the other ways that you can benefit your skin? While there are many beauty products you can use to turn back the clock, there are small beneficial habits you can adopt to assist you as well.

One habit you might want to consider getting into is drinking more water. The benefits are seemingly endless, but here are some of the most common.

1. Water can firm your skin.

As you age, your skin will lose its elasticity, but Health Magazine states that drinking more water can help combat the effects of time.

2. Drinking more water can help you glow.

Many skin experts believe that drinking more water as opposed to soda can help your skin maintain its natural radiance.

3. Water can even your skin tone.

Tired of blotchy skin? Drinking more water on a regular basis might be the solution!

In addition to adding more water to your diet, consider incorporating La Thérapie Crème Hydrathérapie Intensive Hydration Cream for all skins into your skincare routine for vitamin-rich nourishment.


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