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Three extra steps to take to protect your skin under the sun

by timetospa August 28, 2012
Three extra steps to take to protect your skin under the sun

You might already know that it's crucial to opt for beauty products including some form of SPF protection before stepping outside, but there are more ways than one to keep the sun's harsh rays at bay. In the end, taking a few of these tips into account may reduce your reliance on anti aging skincare products in the future.

1. Cover up.

While using sunscreen is a great first step, you might want to consider covering up before you go outside. Wear a sun hat and try to shield your arms and legs with light clothing while in direct sunlight.

2. Avoid going outside in the middle of the day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that avoiding sun exposure during midday can not only reduce your risk of a burn, but combat the development of skin cancer.

3. Find a product that works for you.

Many people don't want to slather on sunscreen because of its greasy feeling or the scent. Finding one that works for you can encourage you to wear it more often. The Elemis Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF 30 is lightweight and fights signs of premature aging.


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