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Draw a fine line between your skin and aging

by timetospa August 30, 2012
Draw a fine line between your skin and aging

It doesn't matter how old you are - if you neglect your skin, you'll quickly find that your bad habits manifest in the form of breakouts, blemishes and worse - fine lines. While certain lifestyle changes can go a long way toward eliminating these tiny wrinkles, with a few of these anti aging skincare tricks you can draw your own fine line between aging and your luminous complexion.

Go for the gold standard. You may feel like fine lines are an insurmountable foe, but with a product like La Therapie Masque Hydratant Anti Rides Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Mask for Face and Neck for all skins you can stimulate cell renewal and dramatically rejuvenate your skin. While potent, this lotion is great for everyday use.

Steer clear of lipsticks. Have fine lines around your mouth left you with a perennial frown? Turn it upside down by ditching your lipstick. According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, matte lipsticks can settle into fine lines and accentuate creases, making them seem even more prominent! A gloss or an SPF-laden chapstick can leave your lips smooth and luscious. 


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