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Detox your body for the fall season

by timetospa September 11, 2012
Detox your body for the fall season

From apple picking to carving up pumpkins for Halloween, fall can be a wonderful time of year to indulge in creature comforts. Unfortunately, one of the major temptations of this cool season is junk food! While you may be resilient enough to say no to apple pie, chocolate candies and even that extra helping of green bean casserole come the holidays, if you feel like you need a little help in the weight loss department, why not try a full body detox?

While it may seem daunting at first, a product like Elemis Enhancement Program 3 months detoxification plan can be an excellent way to help you maintain your fitness goals throughout autumn.

This comprehensive body cleansing program comes complete with everything you'll need to boost your energy levels and trim off those extra pounds. Containing Elemis Cal-Metab Capsules that can help your body burn up extra calories and reduce cellulite, as well as Elemis Deep Drainage Capsules and Elemis Silhouette Capsules, you'll be amazed at how effective these fat-fighting and toxin-eliminating capsules really are.

In addition, this set includes Elemis Vitality Capsules, which can increase stamina and circulation - perfect for when you need to conjure up the energy for a workout!


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