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Oh, stop - you're making us blush!

by timetospa September 17, 2012
Oh, stop - you're making us blush!

Want to hold onto that summer glow a little longer? Nothing says, 'I just got back from a long vacation' like the right blush and bronzer duo. A pop of color on your cheeks - and even on your arms and chest - is the perfect way to stretch out that summertime tan for a few more weeks. Here are our tips for making your makeup natural and beautiful.

A blush with peachy-pink undertones looks more summery than one with a cooler tint, so be sure to pick a color with plenty of warmth for a tanned look. Colorescience Mineral Blush Cheek Colore comes in two shades to suit all skin types, and its mineral formula is sure to keep even the most breakout-prone complexion clear and sparkling.

For another layer of summer color, add a pinch of bronzer on top of your blush. Look for a bronzer with a hint of shimmer, which will give your skin the same dewy glow that a day by the lake lends your cheeks.

Finally, for a tan that just screams never-ending summer, don't forget about the rest of your body! Shimmering bronzer doesn't just work on cheeks - it looks fabulous on your chest and arms, too. A gentle swipe across the collarbones and shoulders will give you a natural look that'll make all your coworkers jealous.


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