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How to get this season's hottest brow look

by timetospa September 24, 2012
How to get this season's hottest brow look

From pencil-thin to full brows featuring a perfect arch, your eyebrows can really make a wonderful statement about who you are. If you love embracing bold new styles and androgynous fashions, you're sure to love one of the most electrifying trends of the fall season - straight brows featuring no arch whatsoever.

What's so extraordinary about this look? In addition to heating up the catwalk at several fashion shows this season, straight, full brows have become all the rage at beauty salons across the nation, as more and more women are searching for a way to freshen up their style.

"You need a naturally full, long brow to pull off the look," Kristie Streicher, a brow groomer in Los Angeles and New York City, told Allure Magazine.

Ladies with thick brows are naturally poised to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend. With beauty products like Bliss Poetic Waxing Face Strips, you can shape your brows into a full line. To flatten out your arch, you can try tweezing or using brow scissors to straighten up the area and experience this innovative style for yourself!


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