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Coming out curly

by timetospa September 28, 2012
Coming out curly

For too long, curly-haired women have been forced to hide their natural locks with a daily regimen of blow-drying, straightening and combing until every strand is perfectly in place. Finally, the beauty industry is waking up to the fact that unruly curls have a romance all their own! If you're ready to let your hair down and show off those coils, you'll need the right beauty products to go from straight as an arrow to flirty and free.

Before your show off your natural hair, you might need to do a little damage control. Years of flat-ironing and blow-drying can leave hair zapped of moisture, giving you split ends and frizzy fly-aways. To nourish your tresses, use a repairing routine like Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair. This shampoo and conditioner duo will help restore hair's natural oils, so you can show off your natural kinks.

Once you've decided to sport your curly locks, rubbing a mousse or cream through damp hair can help seal in the curl pattern and prevent your style from getting too unruly. Try Steiner Twist and Turn Curling Cream to give natural texture a little extra definition.

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, kinky or totally straight, embracing your natural texture is important. Make the most of what nature gave you - and put those styling tools away, at least for today.


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