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Can wanting to be thin be influenced by your genes?

by timetospa October 4, 2012
Can wanting to be thin be influenced by your genes?

The pursuit of the perfect, ultra-svelte physique can lead many women on a never-ending quest to get trim. While fad diets, strenuous workout regimens and weight loss trends can come and go, some things - like how you're programmed on a genetic level - may be bound to stick around forever, and according to new research, that could influence how you perceive your figure.

A recent study by Michigan State University found that some women may be more susceptible to pressure to stay thin than others based on genetic factors.

Researchers found that in twins between the ages of 12 and 22, those who were identical - or monozygotic - were more likely to want to be thin than those who were fraternal - also known as dizygotic.

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