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Can your guy keep his trim physique through the fall?

by timetospa October 8, 2012
Can your guy keep his trim physique through the fall?

Fall chills may have your guy reaching for an extra wool sweater or cardigan to bundle up with, but just because he's layering up doesn't mean he should let his lean, ultra-muscular body go to waste during the colder months of the year!

Whether he's an avid lover of weight loss and fitness regimens or he's just naturally gifted with a stellar physique, by striving to stay healthy and active throughout each season he can maintain the trim form you've come to adore.

Many men and women prefer to take advantage of the brisk change in temperature by dusting off home gym equipment and breaking a sweat on a treadmill or trusty elliptical machine. This can be a great way to build consistency within one's workout routine and can guarantee that each and every session brings a person closer to their goals.

However, on crisp days where the sun is still beaming brightly, your guy may enjoy going for a run around the neighborhood. Remind him to dress in layers that he can pluck off or on at will. Once he's through with his workout, mens products like Elemis Spa At Home Aching Muscle Super Soak can put his stiff and aching joints at ease.


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