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Keeping hair pretty under a hat

by timetospa October 11, 2012
Keeping hair pretty under a hat

Blustery, breezy fall days are upon us, and that means that we'll sometimes need a little extra head gear to keep our ears and scalps warm. A hat is a cute and classy way of showing off your style, but nothing's worse than arriving at work or a dinner date and finding out that your tresses have gotten all messy under that fashionable chapeau. So how can you sport your favorite hats without having to kiss sleek style goodbye?

Start by using a moisturizing routine, including beauty products like Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo, that'll keep your locks healthy. That way, they'll be less likely to develop flyways - even if they're jammed under a beret all morning long. If your hair is really damaged, you may want to add a few drops of Huile d'Als Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment, designed to replenish the natural chemicals that keep hair soft and silky. Healthy hair looks great - hat or no hat!

To keep curls in place, apply a cream to damp locks right after you step out of the shower. Phyto 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream adds definition, shine and nourishing ingredients without weighing hair down, so you can keep that volume and bounce even under a stylish chapeau.

Of course, we're all prone to a bad hair day every once and again. If your locks just won't cooperate, weave them into a loose braid and toss over one shoulder for a chic and easy style that looks great with any kind of hat.


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