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Elemis helps you reconnect with old friends

by timetospa October 16, 2012
Elemis helps you reconnect with old friends

Do you struggle to find time with girlfriends, especially as the autumn season kicks into high gear? While fall boasts plenty of holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving, it can be a difficult period to plan for dinner dates with friends, especially if they have growing families of their own. But with a few of these tips you can reconnect in a personal way and reaffirm the bonds of your friendship!

Give the gift of spa
Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and between the demands of work, home and family, you may not have much free time to spend on yourself, let alone friends. One of the sweetest ways you can show the best friend in your life you care is with a spa treatment product she can use in her very own home, like Elemis Princess of Spa. This great gift set is a wonderful way to soothe body and mind and is sure to show her that she's still in your thoughts!

Host a dinner
You may not have much time to spare when it comes to getting drinks, dinner or going to the movies with pals, and if you have kids, you may be concerned about finding a babysitter. However, by devoting one evening to hosting a cozy dinner party, you can reconnect with friends without leaving the comfort of your abode! If you want it to be adults only, you can serve the children earlier in the day - and Elemis products like candles can be a great way to help set the laidback and welcoming mood of the evening!


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